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Shell Advance Racing X2

Shell Racing X2

A unique, Ester/PAO fully synthetic, 2-stroke extreme performance engine oil, specifically formulated for the most extreme race conditions.

The highest levels of performance and protection is demanded by world GP race teams that use and recommend Shell Advance Racing X2. This ensures that whether you're involved in motocross, super cross, road racing, trials, go-kart or off-road endurance, you can be assured of the quality and extra edge Shell Advance Racing X2 can provide. Advance Racing X2 is used and recommended by the 250CC Shell Advance Honda Racing Team.

Shell Advance SX2

Shell Advance SX2

A synthetic fortified, JASO FB 2-stroke motorcycle engine oil that provides extra performance and protection for hard working 2-strokes that require smoother, cleaner performance.

Suitable for both air and water cooled production motorcycles with either pre-mix or oil injection systems, especially older 2-strokes that experience ring sticking and piston scuffing.

Shell Advance VSX2

Shell Advance VSX2

A fully synthetic super high performance, JASO FC rated 2-stroke motorcycle engine oil that gives superior protection for all modern 2-stroke motorcycle engines.

Shell Advance VSX2 is formulated with polyisobutylene synthetic fluids that ensure a low smoke, low ash performance, superior lubrication and engine cleanliness under high pressure. It also provides excellent resistance to exhaust system blockages. It is suitable for both air and water cooled 2-stroke engines with oil-injection or pre-mix systems.

Shell Advance Racing M

Shell Advance Racing M

A high performance castor/synthetic, SAE30 oil for 2-stroke and 4-stroke racing motorcycle engines.

Shell Advance Racing M is specifically formulated for highly stress conditions experienced in speedway motorcycles and go-karts burning alcohol/methanol fuel mixtures. The castor/synthetic blend ensures longer life than a straight castor oil.

Shell Advance Ultra 4

Advance Ultra 4

A race-proven, high performance, fully synthetic, 4-stroke motorcycle engine oil for those who demand absolute maximum power and performance.

A championship winner as used in the Shell Advance World Superbike Ducati and Kawasaki teams.

Shell Advance VSX4

Advance VSX 4

A fully synthetic, 4-stroke super high performance engine oil for ultimate protection. It is recommended for modern, air and water-cooled bikes.

Shell Advance VSX4 is formulated with Shell's unique XHVI synthetic fluid; renowned for maintaining an optimum lubricant film under extreme pressures and ensuring superior engine cleanliness, thereby extending your bike engine's life.

Shell Advance SX4

Advance SX 4

A synthetic fortified, 4-stroke engine oil that offers excellent protection for all 4-stroke motorcycles.

Superior clutch and gear shift performance is achieved whilst maintaining engine cleanliness. Advance SX4 offers superior performance over conventional mineral oils and meets the requirements of major motorcycle manufacturers.

Shell Advance S4

Advance S4

A 4-stroke mineral oil specifically formulated for the protection of older motorcycle engines that require a heavier blend.

It is suitable for 'running in' new or modified engines, where the manufacturer requires a quality mineral oil. Shell's commitment to produce quality mineral oils ensures cleaner engine and gearbox components to extend the life of motorcycle engines.

Shell Advance HD50

Advance HD50

A premium, heavy-duty straight SAE50, 4-stroke motorcycle engine oil blended with performance enhancing synthetics. Specifically formulated to suit large bore and classic motorcycles from manufacturers such as Harley Davidson, Ducati, early British Triumph, Norton and BSA.

It is also suitable for big Japanese singles. Shell Advance HD50's heavier synthetic blend provides high thermal stability as well as effective piston ring sealing, thereby reducing oil consumption.

Shell Advance Quad 4

Advance Quad 4

A synthetic fortified, heavy duty, 4-stroke engine oil for 3 and 4 wheel ATVs(All Terrain Vehicles).

It is specifically formulated for vehicles that are exposed to long periods of use in harsh, high temperature conditions with periods of long idle. It exceeds major Japanese, Canadian and US manufacturers' requirements.

Shell Advance Quad 4's synthetic heavy blend is designed to ensure cooler engine running and long idle protection.

Shell Advance Gear

advance gear

A high performance, semi-synthetic, motorcycle gear oil for use in 2-stroke gearboxes and separate 4 stroke motorcycle gearboxes. Shell Advance Gear contains extreme pressure additives to maximise power transfer and provide a smooth clutch and gear shift change.

Anti-oxidants, anti-corrosion additives and a seal swell agent minimise gear wear and extend Shell Advance Gear's performance. Available in 1 litre and 20 litre.

Shell Advance Filter

Shell Advance Filter

A synthetic fortified blend of polymers and additives has been especially designed to optimise the performance of all motorcycle foam air filters.

Shell Advance Filter's tackier formulation traps and retains dust, dirt and sand and repels water. It penetrates quickly upon application and is brightly coloured to provide an easy visual check of correct condition and servicing.

Shell Advance Fork

Shell Advance Fork

A fully synthetic, high performance motorcycle suspension fluid for all front forks and rear damper units.

Utilising Shell's unique XHVI synthetic fluid, Shell Advance Fork gives constant shear stability and consistent performance over a wide range of temperatures.

Shell Advance Ultra Suspension Fluid

Shell Advance Ultra Suspension Fluid

A technically advanced, 2.5 and 5 ultra light viscosity suspension fluid for competition motorcycles. Suitable for road and off-road race suspension systems, cartridge and conventional front forks and rear damper units.

Shell Advance Ultra Suspension has a low stiction, easy action, with anti-foaming and seal swelling agents that remain cleaner and clearer for longer than conventional fork oils.

Shell Advance Shaft

Shell Advance Shaft

A synthetic fortified, hypoid gear oil for motorcycle shaft drives and for transmissions and gearboxes that require an 80W-90 gear oil. Shell Advance Shaft contains extreme pressure additives for reduced gear wear and anti oxidants for extended oil life in harsh conditions.

The synthetic fortified blend ensures both 'stay clean' gears and high torque performance.

Shell Advance Brake Fluid

Shell Advance Brake Fluid

A high performance, Dot 3/Dot 4, high boiling point motorcycle brake fluid suitable for all motorcycle hydraulic brake and clutch systems.

Shell Advance Brake has a high minimum (280 degrees celsius) boiling point - even if wet - and is fully compatible with brake system seals. Moisture is absorbed from the braking system to minimise corrosion.

Compatible with Dot 5.1 fluids.

Shell Advance Silicone Brake Fluid

Shell Advance Silicone Brake Fluid

A high boiling point, silicone based, Dot 5.0, hydraulic motorcycle brake fluid for all braking systems that require a silicone based Dot 5.0 fluid.

Shell Advance Silicone Brake offers long fluid life and will not damage most painted surfaces. Suitable for both drum and disc brake systems, it offers excellent protection against corrosion.

Safety Warning: Never mix Dot 5 fluid with Dot 3/4 or Dot 5.1 fluids.

Shell Advance Coolant

Shell Advance Coolant

A premium quality coolant for use in all water-cooled motorcycle engines. Especially suitable for magnesium crankcases, Shell Advance Coolant is a complete, Type A anti-freeze/anti-boil protector offering corrosion protection for up to 3 years or 80,000 kms.

It can be mixed at ratios of 2:1 or 3:1 or as recommended by your manufacturer.

Shell Advance Chain

Shell Advance Chain

A high quality, 'tacky' lubricant recommended for all motorcycle chains and linkages. Especially suitable for 'O' ring chains.

The high adhesion formulation resists throw-off and maintains excellent film strength to minimise friction and maximise protection. Shell Advance Chain withstands high operating temperatures and pressures and will not attack 'O' rings.

Shell Advance Ultra Chain

Shell Advance Ultra Chain

High Performance White Spray for Motorcycle Chains.

Shell Advance Ultra Chain is a solution/dispersion of synthetic grease and corrosion inhibitors, antiwear and adhesive additives and PTFE powder in aliphatic carbohydrates. It has been specifically developed to assure the highest lubrication performance of two-wheeler chains, also with O-rings. It is easy to use for ultimate wear protection even in racing conditions and has good water repellent properties. The additives used reduce the corrosion in the treated parts and are highly compatible with other components. The PTFE powder reduces the friction thereby maximising power output.

Shell Advance Contact Cleaner

Shell Advance Contact Cleaner

An extremely powerful cleaner and degreasing agent.

Especially developed for cleaning and degreasing mechanical parts and systems - carburettors, chain stops etc. - and brakes, clutches and electrical points.