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Shell Helix Plus

Helix Plus

Shell Helix Plus takes the worry out of choosing the right oil. Whatever your vehicle and however hard it is driven, Shell Helix Plus provides better protection than most conventional oils. That's why it meets nearly all handbook recommendations demanded by your vehicle manufacturer.

Shell Helix Plus is synthetic technology motor oil that enables it to provide the highest levels of protection and performance.

Shell Helix Multigrade

Helix Multigrade

A quality mineral oil offering good value and reliable protection for everyday motoring. Shell Helix Multigrade is a hard working, thick mineral oil particularly suitable for protecting older car engines.

Shell Helix Super

Helix Super Large

Whatever car you drive, you can be sure of Shell Helix Super. It gives your engine the great all-round protection you can trust from Shell. No wonder it's our No.1 best seller in over 100 countries. Shell Helix Super is a quality mineral engine oil suitable for unleaded and leaded petrol, diesel and LPG cars of all ages. Shell Helix Super provides complete protection for your car and complete peace of mind for you.

Shell Helix Plus Eco 10

Helix Plus Eco

An extra low viscosity synthetic blend engine oil, especially formulated for new, high-technology, modern engines.

Shell Helix Plus Eco 10 can improve power output and fuel efficiency by lowering engine friction.

Shell Helix Diesel Super

Helix Diesel

Shell Helix Diesel Super motor oil not only provides your engine with great all-round Shell protection; it is also specially designed to ensure enhanced protection for diesel engines. That's because Shell Helix Diesel Super contains extra anti-corrosion agents which neutralise the build up of damaging acids even in the hardest working diesel engines.

Shell Helix Diesel Super is a quality engine oil designed specifically for today's modern diesel cars, vans, off-road and light commercial vehicles, including those with turbo charges. It is suitable for direct and indirect injection engines and also petrol engines.

Shell Helix LPG

Helix Super LPG

A mineral-based, premium grade engine oil specially-formulated to protect LPG and dual fuel - LPG/petrol - engines operating at the higher temperatures and low carbon deposit/dry conditions associated with LPG fuel.

Shell Helix Ultra

Helix Ultra

A premium grade, fully synthetic engine oil scientifically formulated to provide the ultimate protection for prestige and high performance vehicles. Shell Helix Ultra is recommended by Ferrari and is used by Dick Johnson for the Shell Helix Racing Team.