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Shell has always taken pride in providing motorists with the highest quality products for maximum protection and performance. To us it was natural for Shell to take that expertise and knowledge of automotive care and extend it into a range of premium quality car care products.

Shell's Car Car Range

Our products extend from hi-tech polishes to inside-car deodorisers; from wheel cleaners to windscreen additives. The formulations represent leading-edge technology and are based on formulations used by leading automotive detailers. 

Cream Polish

Shell Cream Polish is high-tech, two-phase, carnauba wax/polymer cream designed for a deep protective glaze designed to please the most discerning car owner. 

Polish Restorer

Shell Polish Restorer is a simple-to-use, one step restorative system for weathered or oxidised surfaces. Its micro-fine spherical bead cleaning system designed to avoid the scratching that can be experienced with some paint cleaning compounds. 

Glass Cleaner

Shell Glass Cleaner is an internal/external cleaner for fast-acting, crystal-clear results on all glass surfaces. It is especially suited to removing interior vinyl film as well as all sorts of road grime.

Windscreen Wash

Shell Windscreen Wash Concentrate uses a formula of additives which contain special softening agents and dispersants to allow easy removal of oily residues, road grime, bug splatter and all sorts of windscreen contaminants. It can also help to extend wiper blade life.

Car Fresh Deodoriser

Shell Car Fresh Deodoriser - available in three fragrances. This remarkable product actually destroys odours rather than just masking them. It works quickly and powerfully to remove all sorts of smells - cigarette, food, dogs, stale moisture, air container smells etc.

Car Wash

Shell Car Wash is a modern, specially formulated concentrated car cleaner, which has been developed to remove all sorts of dirt and grime from your car's paintwork, without removing the protective wax and polish from paint surfaces.

Wash & Wax

Shell Wax & Wash is a hi-tech formulation combining powerful cleaning agents with carnauba wax and polymer additives to clean and shine and provide protection to your car's paint work.

Vinyl Protector

Shell Vinyl Protector is an advanced formulation, which will not film windscreens. It restores colour and protects all vinyl, rubber, plastic and wood surfaces including dashboards, and exterior plastic on cars vinyl and plastic furniture and treated wood surfaces.

Upholstery Cleaner

Shell Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner can be used on virtually any surface. Its powerful but gentle cleaning action removes dirt and grime quickly and efficiently without leaving any residue as it does not contain any harsh alkalis or solvents.

Tyre Shine

Shell Tyre Shine - is a high-tech product that can create an elegant, smooth new sheen on most rubber surfaces - tyres, mud flaps, door and window rubber, hoses and bumper bars. Developed to restore a new tyre look. It contains self-spreading agents for easy application and a long-lasting sheen.

Dewatering Fluid

Shell DWF (De-watering Fluid) is a product with 1001 uses. It starts with drowned engines, loosens rusted or corroded parts and cleans metal surfaces.

Wheel Glo

Shell Wheel Glo is formulated to remove dirt, road grime and brake dust from all sorts of wheels including un-coated alloys. It contains no acids and is biodegradable.

Regular check-ups, by you or your mechanic, help your vehicle to run at its best for longer. As well as detecting existing problems, regular check-ups also prevent new ones from occurring.  Shell offers guaranteed service and repairs at competitive prices. Next time your vehicle needs a check-up or repairs, visit your Shell Service Centre.

Pre Trip Check
Prior to taking long trips, you should check the vital areas of your vehicle. Fine tune where required and fix any parts that need repair. That way you can be confident of safe, trouble-free motoring when you're on the road.


  • Check the tyre walls for cracks and fractures
  • Check that tread depths are at least 1.6 mm everywhere on all tyres. About 90% of tyre failure occurs in the last 10% of tread life
  • Remove any stones, glass or nails embedded in the tyres
  • Check that inflation pressures are correct (see vehicle handbook for your car's specifications)
  • Make sure your spare tyre is safely secured and correctly inflated

Cooling System 

  • Look for any signs of engine coolant leaks. Check the ends of the hoses and under the car
  • Make sure the coolant level is correct
  • Scan for cracks in the radiator and heater hoses


  • Check the fluid level and, if necessary, top up with distilled water - to just above the top of the plates
  • Check that the battery terminals are clean and tight
  • Use hot water to wash away any corrosion build up. Reduce future build up by smearing petroleum jelly over the terminal posts
  • Make sure the earth connection is tightly attached to the car body


  • Look closely for signs of petrol leakage or excess weeping
  • Look for any structural damage in the carburettor walls

Engine Oil 

  • Lift the dipstick and check that the oil level is correct
  • If below the maximum, top up as required. We recommend premium performance oils from the Shell product range.

Automatic Transmission

  • Start the engine
  • Move the gear selector through all positions and return to park
  • Check the fluid level on the automatic transmission dipstick
  • Switch off engine

Clutch Fluid / Brake Fluid

  • Check the levels in the respective reservoirs
  • Make sure the levels are up to their maximum markers
  • Top up each as required but do not overfill

Electrical System

  • Check that the horn, windscreen wipers and washers are working
  • Have a second person check that the head, parking, reverse, stopping and indicator lights are working


  • Your brake pedal should not go more than half way to floor when pressed, nor sink further under continued pressure. It should feel firm, not spongy
  • Your handbrake should prevent all movement, even on a steep incline

Fan Belt

  • Inspect for cracking and wear, twisting the belt round so you can see the inside
  • To check fan-belt tension, press the belt hard on its longest side. The belt should give about 10 mm

Winter Check-Up

Winter is the best time to have your car in great condition. So you can go from 'A to anywhere' without being caught out in the cold. Here is a checklist you may find helpful. Alternatively, your local Shell Service Centre will be happy to carry out a winter check-up for you. 

Your Winter Checklist

  • Fanbelt. Check for wear or frayed edges
  • Battery. Clean posts, smear with petroleum jelly and tighten leads. Top up with distilled water to cover the plates
  • Air cleaner. Set to winter where cleaner has a summer and winter setting
  • Carburettor. Look for any signs of petrol leaking
  • Windscreen wipers. Replace worn blades
  • Check hoses for cracks or leaks
  • Ensure tyres exceed 1.5mm tread depth, (winter is a good time to run new tyres in, as the cooler the conditions reduce wear) Check the walls for cracks and cuts
  • Ensure that there are no leaks in the muffler system
  • Use a silicon spray on rubber door and window seals to keep them supple and effective
  • Check that head and tail lights are all functioning and that head lamp lenses are clean and glasses are not cracked
  • Check brakes for wear. Ensure brake master cylinder is topped up. If the fluid has not been replaced for 2 years, drain and replace with correct hydraulic fluid
  • Check rust spots, clean and touch up. Polishing or waxing will protect the paint-work and improve looks
  • Check batteries in car torch
  • Check jack for operation
  • Plugs. Clean and replace in accordance with the manufacturers recommendation. Ensure leads are firm

Recommended Tools / Spares
It is important to be prepared for breakdowns that may occur while you're on the road. That's why we suggest you carry vital parts and tools with you. 

What You Need

  • Basic set of screwdrivers, pliers etc
  • Set of spare light bulbs and fuses
  • Jack, wheel brace and chock
  • Emergency triangle
  • A spare bottle of oil from the Shell range
  • Spare fan belt
  • Tow rope
  • Jumper leads (at least 16mm squared cross section and 3m in length, a minimum 100A)
  • Top and bottom radiator hoses
  • Spare/ empty petrol can
  • Bottle of screen wash
  • Bottle of clean water
  • Couple of rags/ cloth
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Torch