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Shell Service Stations

Shell is more than a Service Station - it's a place you can go for all your shopping needs with reasonable prices, shops that are consistently clean, bright and tidy, conveniently located and with staff who are friendly and efficient that do not hold up your day.

In addition to our fuels and lubricants, we offer customers convenient services such as our Shell Shops, and Loyalty programmes.

Shell offers you everything you want, whether it's for your car or your everyday needs. While still offering our traditional automotive products and services, we also cater for the local community with safe, friendly and speedy service in a modern, bright and clean environment.

Store Locations

To find a Shell service station near you and what products and services we offer check out our locations.

Forecourt Service

At Shell we always aim to provide quality products and services. So when you drive into a Shell site offering forecourt service you'll be treated with utmost importance. Our forecourt attendants will provide an air balance service to make your vehicle run at its best, clean your windshield and mirror/s, even, offer to take out the garbage from your car. At Shell, nothing is more important to us than your health and the health of your vehicle.

Special Promotions and Offers

Not only does Shell look after your daily needs such as bread, milk, and newspapers - we also offer some "pleasant surprises" like:

  • children's games and toys
  • convenient gifts such as boxed chocolates
  • healthy snacks when you are 'on the run'

Plus Shell has an exciting promotional program - so watch out for our special offers!