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The Shell family of heavy-duty lubricants has been developed to provide you with exactly the right solutions to match the needs of your agribusiness - giving you peace of mind and helping you to control costs and increase profitability.

You can have confidence that Shell's family of lubricant products are developed and formulated to meet the rigorous demands of machinery used in agriculture. Our comprehensive range of oils, greases and fluids deliver on our promise that we are committed to providing the best range of premium quality lubricants to the rural sector.

Harvella T - Universal Tractor Oil
A lubricant suitable for the wide variety of lubrication applications usually found on a mechanised farm, Shell Harvella T can be used in gasoline and diesel engines, transmissions, including oil immersed "wet" brakes, and the hydraulic systems associated with powered and PTO equipment used in the agricultural industry.

It's multigrade viscosity possesses excellent cold starting characteristics and provides complete protection at high engine temperatures. A blended oil, Harvella T gives excellent results in all tractor gear boxes, main transmissions and associated machinery, and is formulated to produce good performance in all agricultural hydraulic systems and machinery at low starting and high running temperatures.

Shell Harvella T meets many agricultural tractor and machinery specifications called for by Allis Chalmers, Caterpillar, J.I. Case, Fiat, International Harvester, Steiger and White. It can also be used in four stroke petrol engines, manufactured up to 1989, for cars, trucks and other applications.

Rimula - Diesel Engine Oils
The Shell Rimula range of heavy-duty diesel engine oils has been developed to provide you with exactly the right engine lubrication solutions to match the needs of your business - helping you control costs and increase profitability.

The Shell Rimula range delivers this promise through value-added performance oils such as fully synthetic Rimula Ultra and premium protection Rimula Super. These allow operators to extend engine life in severe duty and to reduce costs via optimised maintenance scheduling and fuel economy performance. Complementing these are quality oils such as Rimula X and Rimula D, to cost-effectively meet the needs of a wide range of on and off-highway applications.

Rimula takes heavy duty engine lubrication to new levels of performance, giving you one worldwide family of hardworking oils to protect your engines in all conditions. Rimula products work together with the Shell Spirax range of world-class gear and axle oils, and the Shell Retinax portfolio of wheel bearing and specialist automotive greases, to protect your entire drivetrain.

Donax - Transmission Oils
When there's a need for a common oil for transmission, differential and hydraulics, as well as wet clutches and brakes, there's a need for Shell Donax.

Shell Donax is a premium quality oil designed for use in transmission, hydraulic systems, oil-immersed brakes and other ancillary systems fitted to agricultural tractors and off-road equipment.

Donax oils contain a friction modifier to prevent wet brake chatter, minimise transmission noise and wear of gears and friction surfaces. It also has excellent seal compatibility which prevents premature wear, cracking and swelling, which can lead to oil leakage.

Tellus - Hydraulic Oils
With the cost and complexity of today's hydraulic equipment, you can't afford to compromise on protection. The answer for premium protection and performance is in the range of Shell Tellus hydraulic oils.

Hydraulic oils play a crucial role in the continuous and efficient operation of your machines. But as machines become more compact, there's less space for oil. The result is an increase in thermal stress, raising the temperature of your oils.

Today's oils have to maintain a careful balance. They must be able to withstand increased thermal pressure but if they have too high a degree of thermal stability, it can result in a a loss of extreme pressure characteristics. This in turn can result in damage to pumps, bearings and pistons.

The Shell Tellus range is developed with the balance between thermal stability, filterability and maintaining extreme pressure characteristics in mind.

Retinax Greases
Greases have a vital part to play in offering the protection that can keep your vehicles on the road, and nobody understands this better than Shell, the world's largest automotive grease manufacturer.

The Shell Retinax range of greases has been developed to offer you a number of key benefits that other greases just can't compete with.

The Retinax range consists of automotive greases for virtually any kind of application, from highly specialised formulations for specific applications, to hard working general purpose greases.

By providing long life protection under even the most extreme conditions, and by extending grease and maintenance intervals, Retinax premium greases can reduce downtime, allowing you to optimise maintenance scheduling and reduce your operating costs.

Specialty Agricultural Products
Shell's Chainsaw Bar Oil is designed to protect bars and chains of high performance power saws. Shell Chainsaw Bar Oil is a blend of high quality mineral base oil and high performance additives which provides excellent bar lubrication and anti-rust and storage protection.

Shell Vacuum Pump Oil is a general purpose lubricant which is suitable for use in a wide variety of vacuum pumps. It is a high quality mineral oil with low vapour pressure and has been specially formulated to have sufficient viscosity ("oil thickness") for adequate lubricant and sealing.

Shell Hibernator Oil protects against corrosion in all enclosed lubrication systems where rusting is likely to occur. An oil soluble concentrate, Shell Hibernator Oil has the ability to protect steel surfaces which are above the normal oil level in a system by filling the empty space with a protective vapour.

A lithium based semi-fluid grease, Shell Cotton Picker Spindle Grease is specially formulated to exceed the lubrication demands of the cotton picker bars and spindles on all makes of cotton picking equipment. Shell Cotton Spindle Picker Grease can also assist in prolonging equipment life, enable extended lubrication internals and is undyed so any incidental grease contact will not discolour and downgrade cotton quality.

The Dobatex range of water-based detergents come in a variety of formulations to suit your needs. Dobatex detergents contain no hydrocarbon solvents and no caustic alkalis which reduces their impact on the environment and increases safety levels for users. Quick break formulations also help minimise environmental impact. Being non-flammable and low in odour, Dobatex is safe for use underground, where flammable products are prohibited or ventilation is poor.

For power generators and independent power plants, uptime is paramount - whether you're selling on contract, the spot market or generating power to keep on-site mining and manufacturing equipment going, every kilowatt-hour counts.

The choice of turbine and transformer oils, and open gear lubricants for coal pulverisation mills, is an important part of attaining maximum output and the lowest lifecycle costs for these critical and capital intensive assets.

Shell offers the power industry and IPP's a range of tailored products and services to assist with maximising up-time and reducing costs.

Turbo - Turbine Oils
All turbines require a high quality lubricant to protect their moving parts. Depending on the type of turbine, the lubricants will experience a range of stresses and hence different lubricant characteristics are important.

Gas Turbines - require an oil with high temperature oxidative stability (175C), good air release, low foaming and no rusting.

Steam Turbines - need an oil with moderate temperature oxidative stability (95C), excellent water-shedding and air release properties, low foaming and no rusting.

Combined Cycle Oils - need to cover all properties required of both gas and steam turbine oils.

Shell's range of high quality Turbo turbine oils offer excellent oxidation performance, long-life and value.

Turbine Oils
Turbine Type Shell Turbine Oil RBOT (mins) TOST Life (hrs)
Steam & Gas Shell Turbo 400 4000
Steam & Gas Shell Turbo T >800 >7000
Gas Shell Turbo GT 1200 >8000
Combined Cycle Shell Turbo CC 3000 20000
Diala - Electrical Oils
Electrical insulating oils are an essential factor in the transmission of electrical power. These oils are used to insulate, cool, and lubricate high voltage electrical equipment such as power and distribution transformers, circuit breakers (switches), capacitors (condensers) and insulating cables. Electrical insulating oils are also used in cable applications, in regulators, and in rectifiers within electrical power systems.

Our range of Diala electrical insulating oils meet or exceed standard specifications required by both ANSI/ASTM D 3487 and NEMA TR-P8-1975 for U.S. electrical oil applications. These products have high electrical resistance and are thermally and oxidatively stable.

Shell Diala B/BX are specially refined light mineral oils for electrical applications. Possessing good dielectric properties, Diala B/BX is highly resistant to oxidative degradation (i.e. formation of acids and sludge) and circulates easily to provide efficient heat transfer. 

Shell Diala M/MX are a powerful new generation of naphthenic electrical oils designed to provide maximum protection and enhanced service life over a broad range of operating conditions. They are the first electrical oils to meet or exceed the three major international standards: IEC 296 CLASS I and CLASS II; ASTM D 3487 and BS 148 1998.

Shell Diala HFX is a fire-resistant, inhibited electrical insulating fluid, for use in electrical systems where low flammability and improved fire safety characteristics are desired.

Shell Power Industry Services
Shell can provide your plant with a range of energy, environmental, facilities, fluid and maintenance solutions. Our Full Cycle Solutions program consists of five different areas:
  • Lubrication Selection and Planning
  • Lubrication and Equipment Diagnostics
  • Lubrication Consulting and Training
  • Fluid Conditioning Services
  • Lubrication Program Management