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Rimula - Diesel Engine Oils

The Shell Rimula range of heavy duty diesel engine oils has been developed to provide you with exactly the right engine lubrication solutions to match the needs of your business - helping you control costs and increase profitability.

The Rimula range delivers this promise through value-added performance oils such as fully synthetic Rimula Ultra and premium protection Rimula Super. These allow operators to extend engine life in severe duty and to reduce costs via optimised maintenance scheduling and fuel economy performance. Complementing these are quality oils such as Rimula X and Rimula D, to cost-effectively meet the needs of a wide range of on and off-highway applications.

Through continual innovation, we at Shell are dedicated to increasing the value of the Rimula family of engine oils for our customers. To this end, we are constantly evaluating it against both the needs of your operations and against the requirements of changing engine technology.

For example, Rimula Super, Shell's biggest-selling heavy duty diesel engine oil for commercial road transport and public transport operators, has now been reformulated to deliver the enhanced performance demanded by the latest low emission technologies found in Euro 3 engines.

Rimula takes heavy duty engine lubrication to new levels of performance, giving you one worldwide family of hardworking oils to protect your engines in all conditions. Rimula products work together with the Shell Spirax range of world-class gear and axle oils, and the Shell Retinax portfolio of wheel bearing and specialist automotive greases, to protect your entire drivetrain.

Spirax - Gear & Axle Oils

Driven by the changing nature of drivetrain technology, and your own need to protect your trucks to the fullest extent possible, Shell technologists have developed a complete range of advanced new formulations for the Spirax gear and axle oil range.

All Shell Spirax gear oils are designed to be part of a fully integrated truck lubrication offering, complementing and enhancing the performance and cost saving benefits provided by Shell Rimula heavy duty diesel engine oils and Shell Retinax greases.

Shell's Spirax S range of heavy duty synthetic gear oils are multipurpose gear oils recommended for transmissions designed for extended drain intervals and severe service conditions. Spirax S oils are also suitable for heavy duty differentials and transfer cases for trucks, farm equipment and construction equipment.

Spirax GX and AX are our semi-synthetic premium protection formulations, designed to meet the capacities of heavy loaded axles and non-synchronised transmissions.

Spirax G and A are our industry standard gear oils that will fully meet the needs of many equipment operators. These heavy duty gear oils are recommended for automotive manual gearboxes, differentials (except limited slips) and steering boxes.

Retinax - Automotive Greases

Greases have a vital part to play in offering the protection that can keep your vehicles on the road, and nobody understands this better than Shell, the world's largest automotive grease manufacturer.

The Shell Retinax family of greases has been developed to offer you a number of key benefits that other greases just can't compete with.

The Retinax range consists of automotive greases for virtually any kind of application, from highly specialised formulations for specific applications, to hard working general purpose greases.

By providing long life protection under even the most extreme conditions, and by extending grease and maintenance intervals, Retinax premium greases can reduce downtime, allowing you to optimise maintenance scheduling and reduce your operating costs.