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Shell's convenient and easy-to-read monthly invoices provide detailed and concise information of your fleet fueling transactions. Shell will provide your company with an interest-free, net-30 payment term on approval.

The Shell Fleet Card will allow you to increase control of your fuel expenses, monitor fuel consumption, and save valuable time while reaping the benefits of full service at a convenient Shell station.



The Shell Fleet Card is a full-service card. Your drivers will receive courteous and efficient service by our trained attendants. This service will get your drivers on the road more quickly and spending more time on your business.

At your discretion, the Shell Fleet Card may be enhanced to include fleet mechanical service charges such as oil changes, tune-ups, air conditioning service, brake lining adjustments/replacement, and tire repairs/replacements.



Shell's Fleet Card offers strong controls against fraudulent purchases. Each vehicle in your fleet is assigned an individual Shell Fleet Card, and the vehicle's license number is imprinted on the card. This number is verified by a Shell service attendant at each visit. If the numbers do not match, the attempt to fuel will be denied.



Shell's Fleet program affords you the opportunity to easily manage your fleet expenses. A unique service provided to our Fleet customers is our odometer reading taken at each fill-up. Our attendants will obtain the vehicle's odometer reading and enter it as part of the transaction. Then, as part of your monthly invoice, the following information will be included:

  • Odometer readings
  • Miles per gallon between fill-ups (MPG)
  • Fuel cost in cents per mile (CPM)

This information is useful in allotting fuel costs to each vehicle as well as determining service intervals as deteriorating mileage is usually indicative of a need tune-up. This is an exclusive service provided by the Shell Fleet program.  Speaking of your monthly invoices, we have worked hard to ensure that your monthly invoice is detailed and easy-to-read.

We include the vehicle, date of purchase, receipt number, Shell service station location, product description, unit price, total transaction cost, odometer reading, miles travelled between fills, miles per gallon, and cents per mile for each transaction. This level of detail is especially helpful in the accounting documentation function and is additionally suitable for audit or tax verification purposes.



Shell Fleet Cards not only cover fleet purchases at convenient Shell Stations, they are also welcome at both One Stop Auto Care Center.